Naturals... a premium

We make all our Naturals roofing materials from 42% recycled materials, using naturally occurring iron oxides and a cement composition that is asbestos-free. All Naturals products show a company commitment to sustainable design – and our environment. The Naturals roofing tile’s composition and color are consistent throughout each piece, without coatings or surface treatments that are susceptible to UV and freeze-thaw degradation. Naturals products are lightweight, at just 5.7 pounds per square foot, yet remarkably strong – you can walk on your roof without causing damage. With a Class A Fire Rating, a Class 4 Hail Rating, and a Wind Rating of up to 200mph, our products offer security and comfort that is reflected in our 50-year limited warranty. Naturals Quarry Slate and Rustic Shake are now being sold throughout North America to owners and builders of quality homes and commercial buildings, Come visit our roofers in Tampa